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Why should YOU exercise? 

Lose Weight?
Tone up muscles?Improve health?
Look Good/Great?
Strengthen sore back?
Improve flexibility?
Couple running for exercise and training in image for home pageAge gracefully? 
Play sport/run a marathon?
Have joint/muscle pain that stops you from living your life the way you want ?
Or keep up with your kids?

Visit us at Rock to find the best way to be HEALTHY, ENERGIZED AND FIT!
ROCK uses a variety of training techniques-
exercises that are efficient, effective and safe 
and in St. Louis. 
Join us for a risk free trial - Results Guaranteed!  Val Strang

decorative divider lineIf you have cancer or other chronic illnesses,or just want to learn which strength training exercises work best for
ROCK Workout is the place to be in St. Louis! 
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rock workout logo which is one word of rock in black
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Rock That Body
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