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Looking for a Cancer Exercise Specialist in St. Louis?  As an Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist and Master Trainer with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, Val Strang can help you minimize the side effects of treatments, reverse postural and range of motion issues that arise and focus on working with the WHOLE body, not just the area affected. Val is the only Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist in
St. Louis and provides the quality care and will give you peace of mind with your exercise program.
Let us help! Medical studies show that people fight cancer and other chronic illnesses like MS, CP, MD more effectively with proper exercise and have better diagnostic outcomes! 
Doctors now prescribe exercise both during and after treatments. Often patients will go to gyms not suitably clean, or to a personal trainer without proper education, experience or special training techniques-with disastrous outcomes.  ROCK Workout St. Louis is committed to ensuring our fitness center offers the facility and, education, and experience to meet your needs.
ROCK Workout St. Louis offers a safe, clean and comfortable environment for everyone.
 ROCK Workout is wheelchair accessible and has special 
adaptable equipment!