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Q: "My 'muffin top' won't go away - even with 45 minutes of cardio and 100 crunches a day - what am I doing wrong?" Timothy
A:  Cardio is great for burning stored fat and increasing your cardio vascular health.  Crunches are ok - but not the most effective way to tone mid sections.  WHAT ABOUT YOUR FOOD INTAKE?  This will make a huge difference! So will adding resistance training and a variety of planks - which not only works your abs, it also works your inner core muscles, back, front and sides!
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Q: "Can yoga help me lose weight?"
A: Yes!  There are several types of yoga - but what is taught here keeps your body moving - (yes, sweating happens in yoga!) and provides a FULL BODY WORKOUT!  Add some cardio - and watch how your body will change!
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Q:"Shin splints and foot pain - every time I start exercising, these crop up!  Why?"
A: Start slower - add intensity or distance gradually, allowing your muscles and tendons to become accustomed to your new routine.  Get new shoes too - they are usually the number #1 problem!