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Do you just get back into a consistent fitness routine and your knee, back or shoulder start acting up again? Are you finding you slouch more at the computer now - and your back hurts when you stand up?
Injury Rehabilitation
Joint Pain
Postural Correction
Range of Motion Limitations
Enhance Your Athletic Capabilities
At ROCK, we use medically based and scientifically proven training techniques to enhance your level of fitness:
  • Correct postural alignment
  • Strengthen the “weak links” - areas you hate to train!
  • Re-educate your body to  move using proper muscle recruitment patterns.
  • Integrated functional training uses human movement patterns; and with this specialized training help you stay injury and pain free!
Should alignment image to show joint imbalance and how corrective exercises can help in overall fitness
question mark logo for informative facts about fitnessDid You Know?
  • Low back pain affects nearly 80% of adults?
  • Women are more likely to have knee pain than men?
  • Pain in one area is often caused from stress in another – seemingly unrelated area.
  • Muscle imbalances are commonly the cause of chronic pain.
  • We do... and it’s time for you to be pain and injury free!
Knee alignment image to show joint imbalance and how exercises can help